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"We want to again thank you for the beautiful Shoji doors you made for our entry way from our master bedroom into our bathroom. We have had many compliments from family and friends about your beautiful work." ~ C Peters

“Everyone is very impressed! It's perfect!“ ~ G Maloney

“We've stopped by the house and love the screens! They are everything I had hoped for. Beautiful!!“ ~ T Chartier

“Those doors are just smashing. You did a great job. They’re beautiful. I am so appreciative of your work...It looks so excellent.“ ~ J Dakoske

“Peter says they make him sleep better. I admire them every day for their beauty and flawless execution.” ~ Bente Margenat

”The shoji door you made for us is so incredible, and we get so many compliments.” ~ Natalie Epstein Design

"The doors look great! Chandler loves her new doors!" ~ Carmen Bright

“The shojis are fantastic, and you did a great job on the installation. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.” ~ Mike Stoeckel

“If it isn’t clear from my email, we love the shoji!” ~ David Marroso

"That is SICK!" ~ J Quivey

“Everything looks great. The shoji screens are beautiful and the room looks completely different.“ ~ Sue Brownlees

“The doors are amazing.” ~ Debra Echard

“Great job, everybody loves them!” ~ Marina Pascu

“The doors look great, exactly what we were expecting.” ~ Andy Maltz

“The work you’ve done is beautiful. We’d recommend Zen Door to anybody. We’re so excited, thank you so much.” ~ Diane Gioioso

“You designed several doors for me. I love them.” ~ Dayna Hester



Shoji Doors "Absolutely stunning workmanship and customer service. From the very start, John was helpful, knowledgeable, and accommodating to all our requests. He suggested a few small but critical design changes based on his eye for design, and all of our Shoji doors came out beautiful. For the amount of work and care they put into their products - their shoji doors are quite reasonable and worth every penny I will definitely be calling on him again when the need arises." - E.Wong

Remodeled Zen Door Aptos California on Monterey Bay is the site of a remodel where Zen Door supplied an expanse of walnut closet doors with hipboards. "My wife and I just love how these doors brighten our room. John worked with us on every aspect of the Shoji doors design including wood selection, detailed design and Washi paper. John sent us samples of Washi paper to select from. The doors were delivered on time with all required installation hardware. We highly recommend Zen Door for the design and build of quality custom Shoji doors." - N. Merry

Classic Door The purist symmetry of these black bi-folds enhances the art-gallery character of this studio city condo. White silk laminated kozo paper.

Mondrian With People Zen Door's double-sided Mondrian grid treatment adds to the panache of this master bedroom transition in a Marina Del Rey condo. Zen Door's painterly, streaky grey finish on white oak gives a very unusual and appealing texture to this barndoor-style shoji. Surface material is matte finish plexi. Mondrian Without People

Zen's Distinctive Tetris Shoji As part of a high end remodel, this homeowner in Laguna Niguel chose Zen's distinctive tetris shoji for his master bedroom closets, finished floor to ceiling in pure walnut.

Lee Closet Zen Door completed 2 separate installations in Palm Springs. Seen here are some of the 7 passage and closet doors with a wicker weave material called “cane paper”, available in a vast variety of patterns and colors. Ball bearing track was mounted above with slotted guide tracks imbedded in the flooring below.
#1 Best Lee Closet

Waldstein Best Full Shot Cherry was the choice of a homeowner in Rancho Park in making her closet a Shoji Space. In addition to hipboards, a very large cherry transom helps to link the closets to the curved ceilings in this legacy home.
 Waldstein Best Closeup

Shoji Doors for a Japanese Whiskey Bar In a beautiful Santa Barbara setting, Zen Door recently installed shoji doors for a Japanese whiskey bar in a resident's lush, back-garden setting, complete with a Saruhashi-style bridge. Zen Door enhanced the entrance jamb with some custom trim and casing work. The finish is glossy maple.

Rothschild Best A homeowner rebuilding after the Thomas Fire retained Zen Door to build wave pattern shoji for a passage door to a large den. Hand-rubbed, semi-gloss maple doors hanging from ball bearing track above, with no base track on the floor. "I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the new doors -- it really makes the room!" remarked this homeowner.

Oakley Best Part of the plan for a room divider shoji in Culver City from Zen Door was a new baby. The espresso finish is complemented by large hip boards and a trackless design.

Basswood Sliding Door A multi-unit building in McArthur Park contracted Zen Door to build a shoji to separate a bedroom alcove. Sliding shoji hangs from ball-bearing tracks, with only a base fin to keep the doors aligned. Material is basswood with cloud dragon shoji paper.

LeFauve Finished Master Shot Shown is a storage closet with three 8 foot sliders on three tracks, and adjacent fixed panels with embedded light switches. A pool house is the setting for this shoji grouping in Studio City. The material shown is doug fir, with hip boards.
LeFauve Light Switch Panel

Arched Opening Sim Valley An arched opening in Simi Valley provides an opportunity for Zen Door to install a custom maple beam with three, sliding shojis on sheaves that can be easily lifted out. Our base track on a concrete slab is embedded in the bamboo flooring. Doors are located between dining/cooking and living room areas.

Bullen Bi-fold Shoji Oxnard is the site for elegant, new bifold shojis in a series of closets. The unique grid design was worked out on site with the homeowner. Zen Door used hidden hinges along with solid Johnson hardware.

3 Door Pivots Side View Our client in Long Beach chose Zen Door for all 17 of its interior doors, including pocket doors, pivot doors, sliding closet doors, and bi-fold doors. The innovative design uses exceptionally thin stiles and rails, matte finish white acrylic instead of shoji paper, and ball and socket latches.

Pivot doors provide a uniquely, low-profile interior option and a different kind of open and close action, with hidden hinges and jambs.
3 Door Pivots

Kuida Shojis In a home in Redondo Beach, Zen Door installed black shoji skylight coverings on a 14-foot ceiling. The white material is cloud dragon laminated shoji paper.

Toibin Hallway and Bathroom Shojis The steep canyons of Beverly Glen in Bel Air provided a unique site for some enormous shoji from Zen Door, once again employing matte finish white acrylic unique to Zen Door, and doors ranging in size from 6 feet wide by 8 feet high to 10 feet high.

The home also includes a dojo where Zen Door was engaged to make some repairs to the existing shoji.

Black is IN. For a distinctive window treatment, this Encino homeowner selected a spartan, tall, elegant black slider design for their living room. Employing aluminum, ball-bearing track above, and anodized guide fins below, these thin sliders provided the best adaptive, sliding solution for existing casement window ledges.
Window Treatment

Lake View Terrace Shoji A homeowner in Westlake recently hired Zen Door to create a shoji for her lake view terraced master bedroom suite. The design includes a passage shoji to the bath and a fixed and sliding shoji over a large window with lake views. The large 3x7 foot shojis glide effortlessly on ball-bearing hardware, and the two-tone maple and beech wood selection and laminated waterfall Kozo paper from Japan helped turn the view into something special. Normal delivery on door orders is 60-90 days.

In another ocean view setting, a homeowner in Santa Barbara installed closet doors from Zen to complement the furniture in the house. Closet doors are normally seated on a base track. However, our clients have the option of no base track, as in this case, the bottoms of the doors hang loose -- felt strips ensure that when the doors do touch, the impact will be a soft one — interiors by CW Design Company, Santa Barbara.
Closet Shoji Doors

Zen Door Encino is the site for a whole-house Zen Door interior design with cabinet, closet, and passage doors at many openings. Zen Door will employ a variety of hinges: euro hinges, piano hinges, and pivot hinges. Our sliding hardware also comes in several different configurations.

Master suite passage doors come in many shapes and sizes...in this case, a “wave mantra” pattern in a pair of narrow, 8-foot doors, rendered by Zen Door for a Huntington Beach client in curly maple with rain glass. These lovely shojis meet each other perfectly from top to bottom, and all without a base track to get in the way of a smooth footpath to those all-important plumbing fixtures. Peter Composite Smaller

Maloney Bamboo Layers Espresso Surf and sun are the cultural backdrop to this Ventura pier ocean view condo with bamboo passage doors and euro-hinge closet doors, all in a semi-gloss espresso, velvety smooth to the touch. Interiors by Elayne Jordan Designs.

You'd be surprised how much shoji you can fit into a condo. Our customer in Huntington Beach installed all walnut shoji everywhere in his small, ocean view unit. The large doors are 1 3/4 inches thick, with hip boards and a splendid semi-gloss finish. Some shoji hangs from ball-bearing rollers; other shoji rolls on sheaves underneath the doors. Crockett Best

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